The First Note

My name is Max Hill and I live in colorful Colorado. I started becoming a music lover at a young age  and started playing music with my friends when I was in  school. I’ve always enjoyed playing the guitar, as well as singing and writings songs.  I’ve  played in many bands throughout my life, but at this point I really enjoy teaching what I’ve learned along the way.

Boys in Guitar Class

After studying Architecture, I began work as a draftsman. I was Chief Draftsman of an electrical engineering firm for many years. Not really satisfied with the drafting trade; I had several jobs and a few businesses  in the construction field.  Finally, I decided to go back to school.  After studying Commercial Art I started a screen printing business where I designed all the artwork for the shirts as well as doing all the printing. I stayed in business around 12 years…all the while playing in bands. Realizing I couldn’t run the screenprinting business indefinitely, I decided it was time to try something new.  I got a real estate license and tried real estate for several years, but I was never much of a salesman….should of kept screenprinting. (oh well, it was a lot of hard work anyways)

Teach in Harmony


I started teaching Music lessons approx. 10 years ago and found that I really enjoyed it more than playing in bands (especially with all the late hours). My teaching business has continued  to grow over the years and I have had many successful students. I now teach full time here at our home based business, and still dabble in painting watercolors, oils and pencil drawings. It you would like to learn more about my music lessons, give me a call.

The Future Sounds Good

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Founder's Notes

Many of you may have seen my other website


This new site was designed and imagined as a way to teach safely online during the corona virus. I hope all my existing students and new students enjoy this site.

The show must go on!

Max Hill